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Top Free Apps for Learning French: Boost Your Language Skills Without Breaking the Bank

Learning French can be exciting and rewarding, especially with the convenience of free apps. Here’s a look at the top free apps for learning French that can help you improve your language skills without spending any money.


1. Duolingo


Duolingo is a popular free app to learn French. It offers short, fun lessons that feel like a game. The app tracks your progress with levels and rewards, covering a wide range of topics and vocabulary. Its intuitive interface and engaging exercises make it a favorite among beginners.

2. Memrise


Memrise uses fun methods to help you remember French words and phrases. The app includes videos of native speakers and turns learning into a game with points, leaderboards, and levels to keep you motivated. People love the real-life videos and the fun learning techniques, making it one of the best apps for learning French basics.

3. Babbel (Free Features)

What It Offers for Free

Babbel offers a few free lessons that cover basic vocabulary, grammar, and conversation phrases. The free version gives you a taste of Babbel’s full courses. Even with limited free content, Babbel is a good app to learn French, thanks to its structured lessons and practical approach.

4. Busuu (Free Features)

Learning Modules

Busuu offers free lessons that focus on vocabulary, grammar, and conversation practice. The app includes interactive exercises and quizzes and allows you to practice with native speakers, giving you real-world language exposure. Users love the comprehensive approach and feedback from native speakers, making Busuu one of the best apps for learning French.

5. HelloTalk

Language Exchange

HelloTalk connects you with native French speakers for language exchange. This helps you practice conversation and pronunciation. The app includes translation tools, voice recordings, and text corrections to help you communicate better. People enjoy the cultural exchange and practical language practice that HelloTalk offers. It’s great for improving speaking skills.

6. Drops

Visual Learning

Drops uses visually engaging flashcards to teach French words. Each session lasts only five minutes, making it easy to fit into your day. The app’s focus on visual memory helps you remember new words effectively. It’s a simple and fun way to build your vocabulary.

7. Clozemaster

Learning Method

Clozemaster teaches French through context-based exercises. You fill in the blanks within sentences to practice vocabulary and grammar. The free version offers access to many sentences and levels, suitable for all learners. People find Clozemaster’s contextual learning effective for advanced vocabulary and grammar practice.

8. Tandem

Language Exchange and Community

Tandem connects you with native French speakers for language exchange. It’s great for practicing speaking and listening. The app offers text, audio, and video chat options, making it versatile. Language correction features help you improve accuracy. Users love the community-driven approach and real-world practice opportunities that Tandem provides, especially for conversational skills.


There are many free French language learning apps available, each offering unique features. Whether you prefer fun and games, real-world practice, or visual learning, there’s an app for you. Try these top-rated apps to start your French language journey today!